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Sunflower Retriever Club History

James Rohleder, Dave Gonzoles and Lonny Taylor decided to form a central Kansas retriever club while attending a

field trial. During 1995 the first meeting of the Sunflower Retriever Club in Russell, Kansas, others attending were

Ray Brown, Art Lufts, Steve Robbens, Bill Parman, Mike Gaughan, Dr. Mark Hook and Elaine Rohleder. Upon drafting

the by-laws and articles of incorporation, the first officers were James Rohleder, President; Lonny Taylor, Vice President;

and Elaine Rohleder, Secretary/Treasurer. Sunflower’s first event was a field trial in 1996 at Wilson Lake. Later that year an AKC hunt test was held at Victoria, Kansas. Mostly field trials followed for the next few years. Today, Sunflower with 38 members, typically has one hunt test and one field trial.

In 1999, Tom and Marcia Traylor joined Sunflower Retriever Club. From 2002 forward, numerous trials and hunt tests

were held on their Hazelton, Kansas, property. Over the years, Tom and Marcia have graciously opened the home

and basement, and the old school across the street, to Sunflower’s staff and entrants for accommodations and a home

cooked breakfast for those present. Their hospitality extended into hunting season. They were instrumental in the

clubs success through being active in meetings, leadership, club training seasons, judging, and welcoming “new comers”

to the “dog game”. Tragically, in February 2011, we lost Marcia to an automobile accident.

Sunflower Retriever Club dedicates its hosting of the 2013 MNRC event to Marcia Traylor.

Current Club Officers

President - Lindsay Mosher 316-258-6108

Vice President - Cody Collige 620-770-9558

Club Secretary - Brittney Collige 620-770-9561

Treasurer - Troy Presley 316-213-7715

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